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Play89 is a billiard simulator in which you will be able to play different styles such as snooker or 8 and 9 balls version.

This online platform connects you with other players through a kind of chat room, divided by numbers, in which you can select whom to play with. Join created matches, create new ones or watch the games that have already started in order to learn new tricks and techniques.

Enhance your billiard skills with this game, bet money only if you want to and get ready to become a master with Play89.

Different modes

Play89 offers different game modes, such as single matches, regular tables or even tournaments in order to increase your ranking punctuation and make it to the top of the world. You can also get an intense training since the game provides this option in its main window.

In order to play online you have to create an account but you can also login as a guest although you will not have all the benefits of being a real user. The process of registering is really simple; you must provide an email account and user name along with a valid password.


The interface of the game looks like a real pool and includes a chat for communicating with other players. You can select the power of the hit as well as the angle. The objectives depend on the game style you have chosen before starting the match and you will see the realistic physics of the balls.


There are some alternatives to this online game such as Snooker147 which is really a good simulator and 3D Live Snooker that shows better graphics and an improved gameplay for those challenging users who want new billiard experiences.

Play89 4.3 Features

This billiard simulator includes the following features:

  • Online platform which allows you to play with other players in chat room
  • Includes different gameplay modes like tournaments, single player option or regular tables among others
  • Train your skills before the competition
  • Possibility of playing as a guest or with a member account
  • Be safe thanks to its password feature
  • Chat with other players while you’re playing


Play89 is an online billiard game which challenges your skills in order to reach the top of the worldwide ranking by playing different tournaments and matches. Create a new account and be ready to compete against people from everywhere.

  • Dynamic gameplay
  • Online
  • Chat rooms
  • It may be too simple

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