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Tumblebugs Deluxe is a puzzle game that consists on matching different coloured bugs that you throw in order to save them from the wicked black bugs.

This is a simple game to spend your time in a funny way, with a classic gameplay and cheerful graphics. You have to save the bugs that are being pushed to the hole by the black bugs. Match three same coloured bugs in the queue and make them disappear in order save them.

Simple gameplay

This game provides a simple gameplay for the users who will enjoy a delightful experience. Tumblebugs Deluxe mechanics are pretty simple, just throw a bug to the queue to match it with other of the same colour. Once you match three or more they will disappear and you will obtain points.

The objective in the game is to prevent the queue of bugs from getting into the black sand hole where they will be recruited by the Black Bug Empire. This way you will take the role of Tumble, a nice bug who wants to stop them.

Different game modes

You will be able to play two different game modes. The adventure mode is the classic one in which you will have to pass through the 78 levels in order to complete the game. The other one is just for challenge. Repeat the levels you have gotten through and beat the score you’ve made to obtain a higher record.

Tumblebugs Deluxe has nice graphics and good 3D effects. The music is simple and repetitive but the players will find it good enough for this kind of game.

Another alternative

Compared to other games, Tumblebugs Deluxe is a similar download to Zuma Deluxe, which has the same gameplay but with less levels. Another recommendable choice could be Zuma's Revenge!, a game thanks to which you will feel free to shoot coloured balls by making combinations of the same tone.


Tumblebugs Deluxe is a good puzzle game for those who want a simple and addictive game with nice graphics, effects and a simple challenging gameplay that provides hours of fun.

Tumblebugs Deluxe 2 Features

This game includes the following features:

  • Rescue insects from the evil empire
  • Create groups of three bugs with the same colour
  • 78 available levels
  • Two different game modes
  • Quite simple to play
  • Limited time of use

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You can only use it for a limited time.

  • Simple gameplay
  • Good graphics
  • Lots of levels
  • May be repetitive
  • No free download available for the full version

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