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International Cricket Captain 2013 is a PC simulator game released by Childish Things in which users will control their favorite cricket teams from England, Australia and India. This free download release comes with new outstanding features which haven’t seen before in previous versions of the International Cricket Captain saga. Some of these features are its enhanced graphic engine and its complete set of players that users can control. All cricket fans will get excited about this new title, since it is the first in giving so much realism to players’ attitude, movements and texture of the field.

International Cricket Captain 2013's team proves to listen to all users’ requests, a good thing to say in their favor. The company has introduced the possibility of playing the simulator online with users from all over the world. Players can create their customized teams (even being from different periods of time) and share them with other people to give a kind of multiplayer-online experience.

These kinds of features have been seen in several football games, but it is not as frequent in cricket titles. Maybe it would affect the fact that it is not a well-known sport compared to soccer, but nevertheless, this new version of the series may cause a before and an after in the world of PC cricket games for sure.

How to play this free download simulator

International Cricket Captain 2013’s gameplay allows users to choose among a wide variety of licensed teams (both international and domestic) from England, India and Australia. The game offers the possibility of building your own team with the players you want, choosing to be the captain of classic teams and even recreating real historical matches that happened years ago.

You will be able to select which cup mode want to play, like World Cup, Twenty Over Cup or Champion Cup modes. Users can sell and buy players at the end of the season with its database with more than four thousand players to continue customizing their team in order to win the championships. As you play this cricket game you can score your records too and select the players who have the highest statistics.

International Cricket Captain 2013 Features

International Cricket Captain 2013 has the following unique features:

  • All-time great options, in which users may choose players from all seasons and periods
  • Classic mode to recreate the five lifelong English and Australian scenarios
  • Three Cup modes: World Cup, Twenty Over Cup and Champion Cup
  • Improved game engine
  • Three type of matches to play: One-day, first-class and twenty over
  • Complete players’ database with statistics
  • Team editor to challenge other users from anywhere
  • Complete company support

If you want to know more about this cricket simulator, you can visit the author’s website .

System Requirements for PC

In order to download for free this software you have to bear in mind the following system requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows XP or higher
  • Processor: 1GHz or higher
  • RAM: 256 MB (XP) or 512MB (Vista and higher)
  • Hard disk space: 300MB
  • Graphic card compatible with DirectX 9.0
  • Resolution: 1024x600 or higher

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