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GTA IV San Andreas - Snow Edition is a mod of the well-known Grand Theft Auto San Andreas action videogame in which you will enjoy the same car races with a few new features.

Since RockStar developed this saga, game fans can play different extensions of San Andreas. All these mods are referred to graphics, arms or those which solve stability issues. This time it brings users a new environment to play in a special edition created with graphics made for GTA IV and the gameplay offered in San Andreas.

Play in the snow

With GTA IV San Andreas – Snow Edition action is set up in the snow. Thanks to this mod you will enjoy your game as always in a special wintry and snowy environment. You only need to have your GTA San Andreas installed on your PC.

This modification allows users to continue having their game experience and car races on a different season, just be careful if you have more mods installed, as you may deal with stability issues.

GTA creators are constantly improving its storyline and graphics to provide players a better gameplay, so they progressively make modifications and patches which does not require a difficult installation. GTA IV San Andreas – Snow Edition offers new graphics and loads of fun.

Other alternatives to GTA IV San Andreas – Snow Edition

If you are a fan of this saga, there are other mods that you can acquire easily and for free. You can try with GTA: San Andreas Zombie Alarm Mod in which you will play in San Andreas city full of zombies.

Even creators have come to add a superhero on the game, with GTA IV SuperMan Mod you will see how your characters of Liberty City get on with the lifelong hero of Metropolis.

GTA IV San Andreas - Snow Edition Xperience 4.5 Features

Below you can find the main features of this mod:

Winter and Christmas look

Easy to install

It’s free

Compatible with other mods

Shows all the scenarios snowed

If you need further information about this, you can visit the developer's website


GTA IV San Andreas – Snow Edition allows users to experience the same game with a different scenario. You will not get bored of always playing with the same graphics.

  • Snowed graphics
  • Simple installation
  • Free
  • It may causes stability problems
  • You need to have GTA IV installed

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