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Pro Evolution Soccer 6 is a football simulator with which you can play with several clubs and a wide variety of National Teams with a great gameplay control.

Years have passed by and we find a new PES version annually, but this one of 2006 is different. Now you can find people playing this edition online due to the realistic control of the players and the movements of the ball this game offers.

Get started with your Master League in order to become the best football team on the world. You can choose to start with a bad team which will improve with a regular evolution or to play as an actual team with their best players, the decision is yours.

PES6 ’s Gameplay

PES6 offers a good game control with great possibilities during the match. You can change everything like the strategy, players’ positions and even the attitude that can be offensive, defensive or neutral. The performance of your players will depend on their physical form so take care of them and don't let them be injured.

The way you make your game style affects the yield of your sportsmen. If you abuse of them with running they will be very tired and may fail at making even easy passes. Take a good look into the game and wait for your opportunity to go full throttle.

Alternatives available to download

Many gamers argue about which is the best football simulator. PES has many fans in the world, but FIFA 13 is also a popular game so you will have to decide yourself which one is better.

If you want something different, United Football is a massive online game which is addictive enough for you to give it a chance.

Pro Evolution Soccer 6 Features

The main features of this game are:

  • First in adding the International Challenge Mode
  • Random Selection Match
  • Users can buy uniforms
  • Improved celebrations when players score a goal (additional content in PES shop)
  • Online multiplayer game
  • Licensed leagues (Ligue 1, Serie A, Eredivisie, La Liga)

For more information, you can visit the developer's website .


Pro Evolution Soccer 6 is a real classic among football simulators released in 2006. Experience the thrill of a match, be smart and the victory will be yours.

Some functions are restricted

  • Good gameplay
  • Online multiplayer
  • Player editor
  • It doesn’t have all the team licenses

free download:

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