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Adobe Fireworks CS5 is a web design program thanks to which you can create graphics that could be later incorporated in your website.

These graphics stand out for its quality, which is a bit better than other similar software. Besides that, you can sync this program with another Adobe application, which allows you to work faster. It also includes the possibility of importing and exporting other files.

It is a tool adapted to your user level. Maybe if you’re a non-advanced one, you could find it complicate in the beginning. But it includes several demos and other tutorials which make it easier.

Some advanced functions

Adobe Fireworks CS5 stands out for its quality and pixel precision. Thanks to these characteristics you can correct any element or imperfection faster and easier. It has more control over the pixel and the design elements. Besides, it has improved its performance since some tools are faster than before.

Nowadays, everybody uses their mobile phone to search something on the Internet. With the integration of Adobe Device Central in this program, you could adapt your website to be seen in these devices.

Besides, Fireworks CS5 allows you to create an advanced interface. It will be more interactive and you could select several objects, create new designs and export them. This is possible thanks to the presence of Flash Builder and Flash Catalyst, which could be a bit complicated to use for beginners.

Other alternatives

There are a lot of programs destined to create and design websites, like Dreamweaver CS6 and Macromedia Flash MX 2004.

The first one is a more complex program thanks to which you can create HTML webs and also adapt them to mobile devices. The second one allows you to create interactive display, videos and turn other content into Flash technology.

Adobe Fireworks CS5 Features

Below you can find the unique features of Adobe Fireworks CS5:

  • Snap to Pixel option to provide more precision
  • FXG 2.0 graphic format support
  • Adobe Flash Catalyst integration
  • Adobe Device Central integration to improve mobiles’ apps design
  • Users can create and share their own templates
  • ASE file support
  • Build shapes with enhanced drawing tools
  • New UI (Stroke alignment, Properties panel)

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Adobe Fireworks CS5 is a great tool to create and design graphics and include them in your website. It has other advanced features that allow you to create a more professional web.

You can use it 30 days

  • Quite complete
  • Interactive
  • Adobe Device Central included
  • Flash Builder and Flash Catalyst included
  • Only requires one type of action
  • A bit complicated for beginners

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