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Bandicam is a recording tool with which you will be able to tape games, videos or even your desktop within seconds.

This program will let you capture images and video of everything that is showing on your computer screen, whether it is the main desktop, a specific website, any kind of movie or even a videogame you are playing with.

When it comes to make any sort of tutorial, Bandicam is a useful tool to record what you are doing on your computer. Moreover, it is very light on system resources, and will not consume a lot of your hard disc space.

Main functions

One of the most remarkable aspects Bandicam presents is its simplicity. This tool is very easy to use as it integrates an intuitive interface, making the software suitable for any kind of user, so whether you are an expert or just a casual user, you will find no problems while working with this program.

Among its main functions, it is able to capture images in PNG, JPG and BMP formats; rectangular screen recording in AVI; DirectX and OpenGL taping also in AVI; FPS and Overlay control, and support for MPEG-1, MJPEG, MP2, Xvid and PCM.

In addition, with Bandicam you will be able to record for more than 24 hours straight, create high definition videos and upload them to Youtube without needing to convert them.

Similar alternatives

There are similar programs to Bandicam that you can also find for free around the Net. For instance, one common software is Camtasia Studio, with which you will also be able to tape every action you develop on your PC screen, but also to edit those videos and share them through websites or blogs.

But if it is editing what you want to do, you can find Video Edit Magic, which enables you to manage and edit all of your clips with a high quality outcome thanks to the various features it includes.

Bandicam Features

Below you can find the unique features of this software:

  • Video recorder and image capture of videogames
  • Audio and video codec support (Xvid, MJPEG, MPEG-1, PCM)
  • It offers support for AVI
  • It provides hardware acceleration
  • It supports BMP, JPEG, PNG image formats
  • When it records video it also compresses files
  • Sharing option in HD via YouTube
  • AutoComplete function (24 hours recording)
  • It does not consume a lot of your system resources (low CPU performance)

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With Bandicam you will be able to record everything that is going on in your screen in high definition, especially recommendable to do videos like tutorials.

  • Free
  • HD Capture
  • Low on system resources
  • No advanced features

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