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Photoinstrument is an image utility which is used to edit your digital photos and make them more impressive or beautiful.

Thanks to its wide range of editing tools, this program allows you to modify many aspects of your images. Photoinstrument processes your digital photos and is able to reduce the picture’s noise and modify its brightness or color. In addition, it includes several filters which allow you to add a professional and original touch to all your pictures.

Although this program comes with a large variety of features, the most used by the users are probably the “red eye removal”, “skin cleaner”, “brightness/contrast” or “object removal”, which are pretty easy to use and make the photo look much better.

Improve your pictures before posting them

Photoinstrument is a good tool for those users who enjoy retouching and manipulating images as well as removing small imperfections or visual effects. For instance, it is widely used by people who want to enhance their photos before posting them on different social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, among others.

In addition, Photoinstrument supports multiple formats such as JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PNG, PCX, TGA or ICO.

Similar alternatives

Ulead Photo Express and Photoscape are programs with a lot of things in common with Photoinstrument. The good news for beginners is that the user doesn’t need to have a deep knowledge in the image editing field to start manipulating their own pictures.

Besides its main functionality, Ulead Photo Express comes with other advanced features. For instance, it allows you to create photo albums as well as postcards with sounds or calendars, and you can share the final result via email.

On the other hand, Photoscape is mainly focused on newbies and offers several templates to facilitate their work. The most remarkable thing is that, contrary to the other two programs, this one is free.

Photoinstrument 6.5 (Build 651) Features

Below you can find the most important features included in this program:

  • Edit and retouch your photos easily
  • Save them in different formats even as an Animated Gif
  • Compatible Photoshop plugins
  • Easy way to add you photos with its drag-and-drop feature
  • Resize your images according to your needs
  • Multi Language support, even the non-common ones such as Hebrew, Farsi, Traditional Chinese or Vietnamese
  • Save the result in .pg, .bmp or .png, among other formats
  • Huge amount of retouching and editing tools such as brush, sharpen, scale, red eye removal and others

For further information, you can check developer’s website here


Photoinstrument is a photo editor that you can use to retouch your personal photos and make yourself look better before sharing the image with the rest of your friends.

Some functions are restricted

  • Easy to use
  • Good-quality results
  • Not many advanced features

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